We love a challenge!

Software is our passion, our team has years of experience in the software development world. Are you dealing with a business problem that can be solved with a technological solution, we're your partner!

Together with you we identify your problem and create a fitting software solution.

We identify, design and develop a software solution to maximize your productivity, efficiency and profitability. We’re eager to listen to your ideas, our software solutions take full advantage of cloud technologies; performance, scalability and availability are part of our DNA.

Speaking of software solutions, Transceptor Technology is the proud creator of SiriDB and Oversight. Two great solutions build with our deep knowledge of designing and building scalable and high available cloud solutions.

SiriDB Logo

Your Next Gen Time Series Database

SiriDB, our time series database creates blazing fast indexes by time for any measurement. Measurements are all around us, take for example; financial transactions, temperature or throughput.

SiriDB allows you to analyse and graph your measured data quickly. Giving you insight in trends, anomalies, peak usage, etc.

Build as a cloud solution SiriDB can handle large volumes of data, scale on the fly and guarantee uptime using our robust cluster mechanism.

Oversight Logo

Insights via Oversight

Oversight is an IT infrastructure monitoring system.

The name says it all, we provide oversight into your IT infrastructure. The system monitors anything concerning IT, and helps you track risks and trends that improve the efficiency of your organization.

Oversight currently monitors IT environments in:

  • accountancy
  • education
  • healthcare
  • logistics